Product Description


  1. Plastic shell,glass fiber reinforced ,high strength.
  2. Signal check,Led indicator,PNP/NPN optional
  3. Provide single signal,cable prefabricated,length and material can be choose
  4. Standard M8 metal threaded connection,the performance is more reliable and versatile.
  5. Protection degree IP76.

Model choose:

Model Output Specification Connection Cable length
RC080304-ND NPN NO M8 connector 3-pin Four bit 3m
RC080304-PD PNP NO
RC080308-ND NPN NO
RC080308-PD PNP NO

Rating and specification:

Rated voltage 10V-30V
Rated current 2A/Port,10A/Total
Contact resistance Max.8mΩ
Ambient temperature -20-80℃


Base PA66+GF
M8 terminal Copper gold alloy
Nut Copper nickel alloy
O ring FKM
Potting material Epoxy resin
Cable material PVC/PUR


Wiring diagram: