Product Description

RCSK snap action micro switch/magnetic switch is a new product adopt the technology of Germany Schaltbau.This switch is used to control all kinds of high voltage switch like switch on/switch off etc.

1. International Standard with high quality
2. The inner of switch has a one block instant move structure,it is valid ,blowout few,flexible operating,slight,
3. The contacts are made of silver-base Alloy.
4. This switch is used to control all kink of high voltage switch operating instruction’s switch closing and making,lock and unlocked,signal return and second return.

Brand Name: GNBER
Model Number: RCSK-1-11
Certification: CE/CCC
Place of Origin: China



Rated voltage DC250V
Rated current 5A
Heat distortion temperature ≤120℃
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ
Withstand voltage AC1500V
Initial contact resistance ≤50mV
OF ≥600g
RF ≥200g
PT 3mm±1mm
Mechanical life 1,000,000 times
Electrical life 50,000 times
Terminal resistance 1.2N


RCSK series magnetic switch is widely used in AC380V/8A, DC220V/5A 50Hz circuit.