Product Description

High strength,reliable and safe universal pedal switch  

Brand Name: GNBER
Model Number: RFS-302
Certification: CE/CCC
Place of Origin: China
Product Name RFS-302 Type Small type
Rated load  10A 250VAC Internal Switch RV16-1C25
Outlet cable With cable gland Contact form  1A1B
Shell Material Steel plate Contact Material Silver

4.Wiring diagram



Type Model No. Rated load Internal switch Outlet cable Outlet cable Contact form
Small type Fixed type RFS-1 10A 250VAC RV-16- 1C25 0.5mm²*∅3*1m 1A1B Steel plate
RFS-201 Aluminium alloy
Standard type Reset type RFS-2
Protecting   cover type RFS--3
Protecting cover type RFS-302 15A 250VAC RZ-15GW22-B3 With cable gland , no cable
RFS-602 Special button with spring
RFS-602H 2*1A1B
General midsize RFS-402 RZ-15GW22-B3 1A1B

What is a Foot Switch?

An electrical switch is simply a device that opens or closes an electrical circuit, and a foot switch, sometimes called a “stomp” switch, is operated by someone stepping on the actuator, which is typically a pushbutton or a pedal.

What are foot switches used for?

Hands-Free Switching: You may consider getting foot switches for any application where having "hands-free" switching would be helpful.

Examples of "hands-free" applications include:

Guitar amplifiers

Wireless page turner for sheet music (e.g. if you have your sheet music on a tablet or laptop)

Woodworking equipment such as saws, sanders, routers, etc.

Dental chairs