Product Description

High precision of operation position.
High shock resistance.
High heat resistance.

General Information 

Brand Name: GNBER
Model Number: RV-16-1C5
Certification: CE/CCC
Place of Origin: China

 Custom properties

Product Name RV-16-1C5 Rated Work Current 16A 250VAC
Type Wide terminal Type  Contact point material silver
Ambient temperature -25~+80(with no icing ), Ambient humidity 85%RH max. (+5~35)
Mechanical Life 10,000,000  times /min. (frequency is 60 times/min) Electrical Life (resistor load) 300,000  times/ min. (frequency is 20 times/min)

 Product business terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: negotiation
Payment Terms: 100%T/T or Paypal
Supply Ability: 500,000pcs per month
Delivery Time: 7~30 working days according order after received your payment 
Packaging Details: 100pcs /box 1000pcs /carton             carton size(cm): 49.5*30*19


Item                      RV-16
 Allowable operating speed 0.1mm~1m/s(pin plunge type)
Allowable operating frequency Mechanical is 600 times/min
Electrical  is 30 times/min
Insulation resistance 100 mΩ min. (use the DC500V insulation resistance test)
Contact resistance (initial value ) Max. 15mΩ
Dielectric strength Between the non-continuous terminals 1000VAC,  50/60HZ for  1min
Between non-current-carrying metal parts and each terminal 2000VAC, 50/60HZ for 1min
Between the ground  and the each terminal 
Vibration resistance Malfunction 10-55HZ, 1.5mm double amplitude (contact gap is less than 1ms )
Shock resistance less 294m/s2
Expected Life Mechanical life (order OT) 10,000,000 times/ min. (frequency is 60 times/min)
Electrical life(resistive load ) 300,000 times /min.   (frequency is 20 times/min)
Ambient operation temperature & Ambient humidity -25~+80(with no icing ),
 85% RH max. (+5~35)
Contact material AgNi alloy ; AgCdO alloy 
Weight Approx. 6.30g

Other information of micro switch RV type

Rating: 21A/16A/11A/6A, AC250V
Terminals: #187/#250 England made/ Screw fixed terminal/Solder terminal


Model Rated voltage No-inductive load Inductive load
Resistive load Lamp load Inductive load Motor load
RV-21 250VAC 21A 3A 12A 4A
8VDC 21A 5A 12A 7A
30VDC 14A 5A 12A 5A
125VDC 0.6A 0.1A 0.6A 0.1A
250VDC 0.3A 0.05A 0.3A 0.05A
RV-16 250VAC 16A 2A 10A 3A
8VDC 16A 4A 10A 6A
30VDC 10A 4A 10A 4A
125VDC 0.6A 0.1A 0.6A 0.1A
250VDC 0.3A 0.05A 0.3A 0.05A
RV-11 250VAC 11A 1.5A 6A 2A
8VDC 11A 3A 6A 3A
30VDC 6A 3A 6A 3A
125VDC 0.6A 0.1A 0.6A 0.1A
250VDC 0.3A 0.05A 0.3A 0.05A
RV-6 250VAC 6A 3A 4A --
8VDC 6A 3A 4A --
30VDC 6A 3A 4A
125VDC 0.4A 0.1A 0.4A
250VDC 0.3A 0.05A 0.2A


1.High capacity purpose

△Household Appliances(warmer,electric blanket, rice cooker,electric kettle,iron, cleaner and etc.)

2.Long life purpose

△Office AppIiances(duplicator ,printer,fax machine )slot machine,surveying instruments,sound equipment and etc.

Competitive Advantage:

Specialized in the line of micro switch for 20 years ,  we only use good raw material with strict quality control to make high quality switches to meet our customer demand .